5+ tropical countries that are not inferior to hawaii

  vacation, is a way for everyone to relieve fatigue, stress, and get happiness. Many people are competing to find vacation spots that match their expectations, usually people will vacation according to their abilities, there are people who vacation at local tourist attractions and if that person has a lot of money they definitely prefer to vacation abroad, one of the places a very popular tour in the world is hawaii is famous for having a beautiful tropical island, but this time we will not discuss it this time we will discuss about 10+ tropical countries that are not inferior to hawaii.

 Surely you think that which tropical island is better than Hawaii, indeed what is discussed may not be as famous as Hawaii but the following countries have tropical islands that are not inferior to Hawaii, curious just listened.

10+ tropical countries that are not inferior to hawaii

  need to be reminded that the countries mentioned below will not determine which country is the best because this article is presented randomly so the order is not a benchmark.

1. maldives

  Maldives is a country that consists of so many small islands, this island is a very beautiful tropical island.The location of this island is in southern Asia, precisely 700 kilometers to the southwest of India, the Maldives itself has at least 26 atolls divided into 20 administrative atolls and 1 city.
  There are many tourist destinations that have become icons and are hunted by foreign tourists, one of which we mention as follows.
  • Baros island
  • Hulhumale island
  • Maafushi
  • Fuvahmulah
  • Thulusdhoo island
  • Banana Reef
  • Veligandu island
  • Maradhoo
  • Feydhoo
  • Utheemu
  • and much more
  visiting this island will be unforgettable for you, because this island is like paradise.

2. Indonesian

  Indonesia, is the largest archipelagic country in the world because it has more than 17,000 islands spread from east to west, with Jakarta as the capital city, which is located on the island of Java, this country is located in Southeast Asia and in the north of Australia.
  By having many islands, it's no wonder this country has many tropical islands, and is the target of tourists from abroad, some of these islands have become the target of foreign tourists such as the island of Bali, Raja Ampat, and others.
  not only famous for its beautiful tropical islands, this country is also famous for having people who are still strong with culture and customs and have people who are known for their hospitality.
actually not only because of the tropical island and its inhabitants but also because of the culinary and history of the country which is the target of foreign culinary tourists who become buran such as rendang, satay, meatballs, fried rice, gudek, pempek and others. While tourist destinations in history that usually attract foreign tourists are Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, and colonial fortress.

3. Thailand

  Thailand is a country that is often referred to as the land of white elephants, this country is located in Southeast Asia, directly adjacent to Malaysia and also Mnyamar, this country is famous for the beauty of its country. In addition, this country is also famous for having tropical islands and coral islands that are so beautiful.
 There are many beautiful islands in this country, including them
  • Ko samui
  • Ko pha ngan
  • Ko tao
  • Ko phi phi le
  • Ko lipe
  • Ko phi phi dong
  • and much more

4. Palau

  palau is a small country located north of Indonesia and east of the philippines although this country is relatively small but this country has many islands that are very beautiful and well preserved.
  visiting this country is the same as visiting a little lost paradise that has clean and blue seas, The following are tourist destinations that are a pity for you to miss while in Palau.
  • Blue corner.
  • WWII Wrecks Diving dan WWII Memorial Museum.
  • Badrulchau Stone Monolith.
  • others

5. costa rica

  Costa Rica is a country that borders directly with the countries of Nikara Cave and Panama, this country is very well known for having beautiful beaches, mountains and forests that are still very well preserved, not only that many wild animals and endemic animals from that country are still well preserved.

   With the natural conditions that Costa Rica has, it is very suitable for those of you who like to travel in pristine nature or want to have an adventure of Costa Rica, it can be your choice in traveling.
  The following are tours that are in great demand by foreign and local tourists.
  • San jose
  • Monteverde cloud forest reserve
  • Palya jaco
  • Marindo
  • Rincon de la vieja
  • and many more amazing tours

6. Bota Bora, Polynesia

    If you want to travel to tropical islands then Bota Bora is a recommendation with a white sand langoon which is very white and clean, for those of you who are just married this place is suitable for honeymooning together with a partner you care about, just imagine a calm and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for those of you who want to honeymoon.

7. Santorini, yunani

  Santorini, is aic island on the island of Aegean, this island is famous for having a very unique building architecture, with a sunset as a background, allowing you to linger on this island. The buildings on this island are so unique because they have white color and buildings facing the sea add to the beauty of this island , this island is suitable for those of you who want to unwind with your family or partner.

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  That was the cool island that you can visit, hopefully it can be a reference for those of you who want to find vacation spots, especially beautiful tropical islands and a warm atmosphere.

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